Company stock is falling. Should I pause Employee Stock Contributions?

I worked at Starbucks though college, participated in their employee stock purchase program(15% discount). Bought shares for 9 years (2005-2014) all the way until I left the company. During that time i saw the stock price dip below $5/share rise to over $75 and split, then go as high as 120/share. I cashed out to buy a home in 2019. All in over 9 years I put in ~20k and cashed it out for ~120k.

Not every stock has the same run as starbucks, but working there during the financial collapse showed me a few things. Our sales were up on a store/district/regional level the entire time. They closed 600 stores to eliminate non-profitable locations. Expanded rapidly in China where I got to visit while in college. Every location I went to was PACKED. The Starbucks brand was huge in China, most people i spoke with thought my job was working at a US Starbucks amazing. It really gave me comfort that Starbucks was going to do just fine despite looking at a stock price drop by 3/4ths in that time.

If you believe in the company keep it, if you think you can get better returns elsewhere, sell it. But despite the daily fluctuations in share price, you will never know a company better than the one you work for. No amount of due diligence will ever compete with your institutional knowledge (short of fraud) of the company you spend 40+ hrs a week at.

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