Comparison between the Live and PTR McCree - Recovery speeds reduced.

Sorry pal, truth can hurt. I didn't dig through your profile, it's literally second page. That gave a really good insight into why you're so angry and spend your time following someone around on reddit trying to correct their grammar. You crave attention and don't get it in the real world so you chase it on reddit. Like I said, pretty sad.

You are on reddit asking people how you can date, as you're not capable of it. I can tell you the first thing you should do is change your attitude. No woman or man is going to find the idea of someone spending their time chasing someone around on reddit to get into arguments attractive. No amount of going down the gym or using dating apps is going to make being an internet troll an attractive proposition for a partner.

I genuinely hope you find some happiness in your life and can stop being so petulant. But you asked how to be a better person, that's some serious advice. Stop enjoying the fact you're 23 and act like a petulant child.

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