Competing with my [36m] gf's [26f] best friend [m20s]

I've gently asked once before if they could call earlier in the evening, but he has some kind of sleep condition which means he's up basically all night, and often wakes up very late in the day. Translates to them calling at 10pm, just when I'd like to think about either cuddling with a TV show or going to bed. Instead, I feel obligated to find something to do, so I reluctantly stay up and play or read something while she's talking to the other guy.

That's the confusing thing about feelings like this. I feel equally bad for being jealous or upset, and like an idiot for not putting my foot down or even walking away. Very black and white and I can't make sense of it. I've been cheated on in the past and I was oblivious to that and other forms of abuse, and now I have someone new who's nice to me, I feel guilty for mistrusting them.

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