Compiled list of mistakes in the books

Unclear: Does modifying a model’s APL mid-activation generate or delete a corresponding number of action points immediately? See: attacking an enemy model equipped with a Stun weapon. If my model charges a Repentia Superior, and she manages to strike me with two crits, do I lose an action point this turn if I have any remaining? Or see Kroot “A Gory Feast”. A Kroot charges and fights on his activation. He gets a kill and uses “A Gory Feast”. Does he generate an action point for himself to use this current turn?

Unclear: How does Prismatic Blur interact with their users having weapons with Brutal? If a harlequin using Prismatic Blur and an Embrace charges and fights, when blur activates on his opponents strike, what happens? Does the Harlequin player discard one of his retained dice because his opponent parried through the strategy? Is the opponent’s Parry dice discarded to no effect because it wasn’t a critical hit? Does the strategy have no effect at all and shouldn’t even be rolled for because the Embrace requires your opponent to spend a critical dice to parry but the strategy only activates when your opponent spends a normal dice?

Unclear: Thousand Sons. Is the sorcerer intended to be able to fire an inferno bolt pistol and Doombolt in the same activation via Malicious Volleys?

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