Complaint filed against comedian Shyam Rangeela for mimicking Modi

Hindustani Bhau is a next level hypocrite. He did his videos, said he is a fan of Sanju (who we all know is accused with some serious shit back in 90s), became famous because of they way he cursed people, then gained entry in Salman's big boss, earned crores, started wearing and flaunting gold and shit, then trashed Bollywood (who most of are Salman's close aids) during SSR case wave, and now is one of top RW icons.

Some guy named Saket Gokhale on twitter did expose him of how his connection with several BJP guys from Gujrat who took control of Hindustani bhaus acc and were spewing shit back.

Problem is obviously that guys like him exists, but there are also those jobless idiots who create this cult and start following him.

Remember India is a country where people loved being manhandled by a personality, be it politician, actor, actresses, sportsperson or superstar type. They wont think rationally about anything.

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