Complete Q and A with the Girl Meets World Writers.

Ok, so, being a 90s kid, I will always love BMW more than GMW. It's just got the nostalgia factor for me, I related to the issues more at the time, and you can't beat the original.

With that being said, GMW has grown on me in its own right. I mean, It's cheesy. Some of the episodes make me cringe. I don't think they address issues as well as they did on BMW. But even so, it's a cute show. It makes me laugh. If I had kids, I'd love if they were watching this. It's wholesome (I guess is the word).

BUT.....dear god all I freaking want is an episode where Turner and Shawn reconnect. They can focus on all of the other new characters. I want one short scene. That is all I. Freaking. Ask. He disappeared in BMW, and they've made it obvious that, despite this, he and shawn stayed in touch. Let me freaking see it. They are pushing Shawn and Katie together, and pushing the father figure to Maya thing (which is reminiscent of Shawn and Turner). SO LET ME JUST SEE THEM RECONNECT. It can be quick. and it totally fits in with the story line of Shawn and Maya. SO JUST DO IT AND THEN GO BACK TO EVERYTHING ELSE.

annnnnd....done venting.

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