Compton - Give it a chance.

You won't find a lot of women walking around by themselves at 11pm on a Tuesday. But you don't really see that in any neighborhood that I'm aware of.

I didn’t see this last time, you’re not aware of nyc then and shouldnt have replied to me in the first place. You’ll say “this isn’t nyc” and to that it’s sad to see an area where women aren’t safe to walk around by themselves at night like it is in most of nyc. This is how women generally seem to feel here, not what you some random clown thinks.

Thank god, please be done.

Honestly shut the fuck up, you stupid condescending prick. I was polite this whole time but you didn’t deserve it, you don’t know what it’s like from the female perspective and other women here share my sentiments so I wasnt wrong and “lying” like you insisted. The streets were empty and much more shady compared to nyc deal with it. I don’t have to put up with you replying and trying to talk down to me like you did. Go fuck yourself.

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