US condemns Erdogan 'anti-Semitic' remarks

Those comments are 99% downvoted to hell. The reason why r/europe gives an impression of turkophobia comes from this scenario

1- A news article about the govt does some dumb shit / armenian genocide

2- nationalist trolls floods the thread

3- they get downvoted to hell

I’ve been in this sub longer than I can remember. Even before this acc’s creation. And I’ve NEVER seen a blatant racist comment gets dozens of upvotes. I understand that It sucks to see your country in a negative light (it makes me feel bad about mine as well), but if you full go “damn western propaganda”, people won’t buy any of it.

About the comments that you mentioned. Let’s hope they are downvoted to hell. Maybe you can show me some of it. Jut for curiosity

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