Condo Owners: what are the upsides/benefits and downsides in /your regrets about living in a Condo

Pros: middle of the city, great location.


  • Neighbors upstairs won't discipline their kids so they allow them to run around unless someone complains. Note that the floor is thick, and you can't hear anything unless someone really runs or jumps around.
  • Smell from the neighbors invade your unit, depending on wind direction. This includes smoke, food (which is OK), and cat piss (not OK).
  • Neighbors violate the "no pets allowed". One time, a cat went inside my window and peed on my floor.
  • High monthly association dues that's clearly not being used for maintenance. Yes, the premises are clean and with good security, but they won't repaint the exterior to save money.
  • Old condos have water pipes embedded in the concrete ceiling. If you're not aware of this fact, you'll mistake this sound for ghosts who especially love to play with coins.

When I settle down, I'll just get a single detached unit away from the city.

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