Condoms are uncomfy, can't you just take plan B instead?

So, I may be down-voted here, but I just want to say it.

I'm a girl, and I absolutely hate condoms. They hurt, they're uncomfortable, everything. I don't know what it is, am I allergic or what? They're also uncomfortable for my husband, and it takes all the enjoyment out of sex. Personally I'm like "Why even bother if we're not getting any enjoyment" even if I didn't have this issue I would feel the same.

We went 3 months without birth control because of the pandemic hit, and I finally decided to get my IUD. I didn't want to have the risk of pregnancy again. We've also been very responsible that entire time, not one scare has occured.

I went with the copper IUD because I felt really nice to be off hormones for a while and the process was terrible. This is the first time I had any doctor go near that area, and it wasn't the pain that dealt me in. It was not being able to move around, with something fucking my parts that made me almost gave me a panic attack and cry.

Would I do this again? Yes I totally would!

I want to have sex without the risk of getting pregnant, and sadly at the moment the women have the most options.

Did I feel any pressure to getting my iud or any form of birth control? Hell no, if anything my husband showed concerned for me because I was worried about any complications I would have. He knows I want to be a mother, and he knows hormones didn't make me feel good.

If the roles were reversed I'd do the same for him. If he can't wear a condom, I'd give him the best blowjob anyone could ask for.

What I'm try to say is, you should only have sex with those who respect your body. Especially enough not to pressure you. I understand condoms help prevent diseases, and a lot of people prefer them! Especially if you're into the dating lifestyle as of now. Sex is suppose to be fun for everyone included, not just one party.

I know there is a lot of scummy people out there who takes advantage of others, especially in the heat of the moment, and that's garbage. If someone doesn't want to respect you, the best you can do is walk away, and not waste your money on bc.

I just don't want people get the idea that the majority of men are scummy. There's a lot of good and bad out there.

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