Confessions of a Leave voter

I'm sorry, but from my perspective there is simply too much idealism and lack of knowledge in either camp. I get the impression that a lot of people in the UK are unaware of how dysfunctional and precarious the Euro-currency zone is. Partly that's because the UK was actually in an extremely privileged position within the EU: You had full access, but didn't have to adopt the Euro, so you didn't have to contend with it. In that sense, leaving your unique EU membership was actually foolish.

However, in another sense there is some wisdom in rejecting the current EU, even though a lot of Leavers and Remainers might not have been aware of it: Instability. Right now the Euro-currency zone is this weird, unstable Frankenstein monster of currency union without fiscal union, leading to unsustainable inequality within it. I don’t see remainers or leavers acknowledging this. German industry, on paper, is doing great, but southern Europe is basically imploding and 25% unemployment without perspective cannot lead to good things there, especially under the Euro regime where they don't even have the tools of devaluing their own currency and offering cheap products and travel.

Hence, I don't see the Euro ship on solid footing at all. The next crisis seems just around the corner. EU commissioners talk about uncertainty in regards to Brexit. Well, the entire Euro regime as it stands today, in my opinion, is a giant uncertainty not because people aren't willing to cooperate, but because of these structural arrangements with the Euro. While the UK was in a privileged and advantageous position with its “one foot in, one foot out” EU membership, I see too much romanticism in this sub, as if the EU is a hallmark of stability. You have got to realize that the continental Euro zone is in a rather unstable position as it is today.

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