Confirmation bias in research survey into men's mental health which includes questions based on toxic masculinity and Duluth power and control wheel

I might email you directly, Crusty. Other questions asked:

  • Men who touch other men make me feel uncomfortable

  • I have difficulty expressing my tender feelings

I found this link from an old AVfM site which appears related, though I think that most female academics will be connected to feminism indirectly, so to claim that just because feminists are involved the study is invalid is not fair.

What is fair is the observation that these questions seem to me to be a double whammy:

1 They are not really related to most Aussie blokes beliefs

2 They displace questions about alienation and low esteem in popular media that could have been asked

I made more specific comments to the researchers, but you and I know that I may as well have tried to suck up the Pacific Ocean through a straw.

To make matters worse, I think I was part of the *control" group, so the video I watched (which I signed a confidentiality agreement about so I can't discuss) had absolutely nothing to do with:

  • men

  • men's mental health

  • resilience

  • attitudes to men's mental health

  • mental health

  • health

So although I was rewarded for taking part, I got nothing out of it, except a reminder about the systemic bias entrenched in the tertiary education system.

Just as well Tanya Plibersek will sort it out if she becomes Education Minister, eh Crusty?

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