Conflict of Interest? A BJP MP who took call on tobacco warnings is a beedi baron

as is their habit of shunning intellectuals.

Any conservative intellectuals like say Arun Shourie aren't that far deep in Hindutva agenda and IIRC in recent years he's turned an atheist. Their version of intellectuals are Sangh ideologues who say shit like "Indians are perfectly baked roti, goras are half baked, kalas are over baked".

it's basically neo-fascism.

Neo fascism? Hindu rashtra, Akhand bharat and..? I'd call them theocrats instead, political religions. They aren't traditionally conservative.

The conservative parties of the EU and UK are much more reasonable.

In the UK, I find conservatives making more sense than the other options, Green is cuckoo > 9000 and Labour is too PC for me, nor do I think their immigration policies are best for the country. The conservatives in Western Europe are far more intellectual and I actually really like reading some of the cultural commentary. Though my hate for religion obviously makes me not like them too much.

As for Congress, they need a proper reshuffle and a new leader. Sonia Gandhi rode a wave that was unprecedented and it likely won't be seen again, at least not with Rahul Gandhi or even Priyanka.

If any hindutva nonsense happened under the congress, it was almost certainly them bowing down to hindutva pressure.

The Gandhians also support that, and I wouldn't call it bowing down to Hindutvawadis as much as majority appeasement.

Very rarely do they do anything serious to condemn the far right.

That's obvious though, innit? More than half of BJP's cadre is supporter of that crap, the ~20% which voted them in 2009.

Pessimism brings nothing to the table. "Ah man, all politicians suck" and not voting is harmful and breeds corrupt and loathsome politicians.

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