Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Joins SXSW Speaker Roster

My family follows laws, reads the Bible, treats everyone with respect, supports our community, and pays our taxes. We love our country and everyone that wants to support the American way of life. We teach our children to work hard and never to blame others for their mistakes and missteps.

With you so far. I mean, I'm an atheist, but you've a right to your beliefs. Other than that, we're good to this point.

Then there’s a subset of this country that wants to excuse folks from certain laws,

Uh. Wut?

remove Christ from society,

And fuck you. You have a right to your beliefs, but you can stick those beliefs straight up your ass with the pointy bits facing out when you try to insert your beliefs into the the law. Fuck you with a giant dildo, dipped in grease and subsequently dipped in broken glass.

“be inclusive” in their communities but rarely want to hear opposing views,

IN other words "y'all want us to stop treating minorities like shit, yet you don't like us pushing our religious beliefs on you. Damn you."

and cry racism and bigotry when their feelings are hurt.

No. Not really. If you're a racist cunt, we call you a racist cunt. If you're not, we leave you alone. If you feel bad about us calling you a racist cunt, I suggest you stop being a racist cunt.

I’m sorry you have an issue with conservative politicians. I do too. They’re all scoundrels.

Can't really disagree with you there. They are indeed.

But in my community, we teach our children that sticks and stones can hurt them, but never words.

Good thing to teach the kids, I suppose.

That’s far better than these liberal hippies that can’t stand to hear opposing views, yet scream about how “inclusive” they are.

Opposing views like what? Hmmm? Please, elaborate.

We are inclusive. Happy to let people live their lives. Where we start getting pissed off is when right wing cunts decide to discriminate against people for make believe reasons. Like religion.

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