I want to connect and synchronize multiple portable bluetooth speakers to my laptop for stereo sound. What term/spec/feature should I look for on the packaging?

I would, but I need something that's USB powered and still has good range. The only USB powered speakers I've found sounded tinny with no bass at all. The point is to get rid of one of the power cords that's tethering me to the wall - I want to be able to unplug the power supply from my laptop and move my entire setup.

I have these. They require a wall outlet and the power cable doesn't detach.

Since I know so little about speakers, I want to shop in-store rather than order online because I don't know what the specs mean - I'd rather just be able to test them.

TL;DR: Double bluetooth speakers seem like the best way to eliminate cables. I'm having trouble finding decent speakers that don't require a wall outlet.

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