Consequences of domestic battery arrest in Illinois?

I don't know all the details but here is what I know. A friend has been having issues with an ex- girlfriend, she showed up uninvited to a 4th of July party he was attending. Not sure what led to her getting in his car but while driving she attempted to take his phone which I'm assuming caused a fight. A state police officer saw the car swerving and pulled them over. The ex-girlfriend hit her head and had a torn shirt. My friend was arrested for domestic battery and is awaiting bond hearing.

I'm interested in what legal consequences my friend might be facing and what the next steps he needs to take.

Background information: Prior to friend being arrested, it was found out the ex-girlfriend had been signing into his social media accounts and reading his messages. The ex-girlfriend's mother has shown up at my friend's place of work and the police were called because she was pounding on his house doors/windows after 11pm because she wanted Valentine's/birthday gifts returned. He had expressed to me that he wanted to get a restraining order before this arrest. In my opinion, there was some stalking going on prior to the arrest.

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