Conservative Party slams Trudeau for not doing enough to combat anti-vaxxers in Conservative Party

Based on the fact I don't immediately subscribe to your point of view?

I work in the freight forwarding business for one of the companies bidding on the vaccine rollout. I specifically work in the air dept which is how the vaccines will be transported across the globe.

My manager and I did some quick math on the numbers the other day and came to the conclusion we could fit ~50,000 vaccines / pallet (not the correct term but it works for simplicity's sake), given that each Canadian will apparently need 2 doses that's a grand total of 1200 pallets.

That is literally a month's worth of cargo for one of the largest freight forwarders in the world. Would you care to explain how such a rollout would be smooth given that CIFFA has already advised that freighter demand is higher than ever?

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