To conservative/religious redditors with liberal/atheist parents: What's your story?

Oh it's that simple! Silly me! Why didn't I think of that! Have you ever been in a relationship you couldn't really control being a part of and had been completely run-over by? There is a limit to how much a person can handle sometimes. Not saying I think we should all just hate everyone and hope for everyone to die, but I don't think some people realize how difficult it can be to be humiliated time and time again and to have to deal with people who don't seem to care about how their actions affect your own personhood. If I hadn't gone to therapy for like five months straight, I would still have some severe anger issues towards some people due to many years of accrued shit.

So like I taught horn lessons to a guy and really worked to help him out because, like me, he grew up in a bumfuck rural area. In order to work, you needed to be able to drive because everything was so far away from everything, but in order to be able to drive, you needed an income (like from work) to be able to get to work. He dropped out of traditional school because his mother and father had a nasty divorce and his brother, who has been in and out of jail a couple of times already, would be giving him problems.

Not like the dude quit, he finished up in night school, got his G.E.D, at first tried to get into the Marine Core, couldn't make it through basic, then after having to wait for six months, was able to get into the Army band. He now is making money, is on is own, and is playing music for a living, which he very much enjoys. As much as I try to encourage him, he still has not talked to his mom in over two years. She did some things to him that he thought were extremely manipulative and fucked-up. I mean, I'm all for trying to get people to live in peace and harmony, but sometimes, in the fucking real world, things don't always work out like that, and sometimes the people that are the most poisonous in your life are one or both of your parents.

Hopefully one day OP can get to a point where he can love his parents again, but it seems like things are still pretty raw. Of course that shit hurts and being separated is painful, but life is not some perfect place, and I don't blame people for trying to actually stand up for themselves and do what they think is going to be the best thing for themselves. Of course we have to try and work with others and be considerate of others, but if people don't seem to care much at all about your own thoughts and feelings, repeatedly, year after year, then I don't blame people for getting calloused and just wanting to put as much space in between themselves as possible.

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