Conservative veterans, how do you feel about continuing to vote for republicans after their rejection of the burn pit legislation?

That twats a fucking cunt, let them wallow in their own self service. Here's an honest answer to your earlier question though:

When I left the service and enrolled with the VA, they assigned me to a healthcare facility 445 miles away from where I live. There are literally dozens of facilities closer. I called to change that assignment, but they said I needed to go to my assigned facility in person to make that change. Since then they have been automatically signing me up for appointments I will not be making. For every appointment I don't call to cancel, I get 4-5 calls about how I missed my appointment. I can't turn it off until I fucking go to Atlanta.

If they are gonna fuck appointments up that bad, how am I supposed to trust they won't inject me with antifreeze while I get dental work done?

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