Conservatives are now attempting to brand trans people as terrorists in order to delegitimize them

Do you guys forget that it was a transgender person that shot and killed 6 people last Monday. 3 of those people were 9 year olds. And I hear all about the Trans day of vengeance that happened last weekend. You could apologize for the violence. But how does one person who killed "christians" get sympathy from radical leftists saying she is also a victim. Even though it was her that planned and shot at a school. You consider trans people the victims of violence when the radical ones are causing violence. Especially at the capitals of Tennessee. They hold up 7 fingers in protest but why is the person that again killed three 9 year olds get considered a victim. I hate to stand on what is logical. But for some reason it's somehow conservatives that are the bad guys. And it's trans people that are victims when last Monday and this attempted school shooting as well. Yeah it's the right that is causing violence. Because the trans day of vengeance is somehow not a sign to label radical trans leftist as peaceful. No telling trans people to arm themselves is really the way to not call trans people terrorists open your eyes all of you.

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