Conservatives’ on-campus flyers maligning ‘left-wing’ professors anger academics, faculty representatives

I believe the correct term is actually a falsehood. You could swing a grad student in business and engineering and would unlikely hit any left-wing professors.

Really? Not saying that those faculties are inherently left-wing but you are overstating the politics of those faculties. They are conservative leaning but not exclusionary to other political thought.

Liberal arts will have a mix depending on the topic, with some of the more social sciences being much more left-wing from the progressive nature of the material (eg. a social conservative isn't going to study topics they think are inherently wrong/unnatural after all).

The "progressive nature of the material" is a part of the inherent left wing bias in academia. Why have departments of political science and sociology become dominated by progressive material? Between 33% and 40% of Canadians consistently vote conservative. Can you name one political science department at a publicly funded university in Canada where 33% of the faculty are conservative?

Take a look at the website for any law school in Canada and scroll through the research interests of the professors. They don't represent the views of Canadians. They absolutely lean to the left of Canadian public opinion.

How am I so sure of this? Last year, I had to put together a list of Canadian legal scholars who were interested in a particular field of research. The best way to do so was a quick scan of the 26 law schools in Canada and the research interest of the professors at each school.

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