Conservatives on course to win majority :(

I'd love to agree, but 40 years of British political history proves otherwise. We lost the fight in 1979 and, unfortunately, that's that. It hasn't gotten better and it will not got better. Nice words and a hopeful message can't hide the fact that this is set to be the biggest defeat Labour has suffered since the 1930s - that's not pessimism, that's just the reality of it. This was our best chance and we got absolutely destroyed. The people of this country don't want left wing policies. 40 years of campaigning and agitating has come to naught. At this point, solidarity only means going down together.

Personally, I will never be so naive as to get my hopes up again. This country is fucked and that's how most people want it. Participating in this joke of a political system is utterly pointless and I feel like a fucking moron for ever thinking otherwise.

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