Conservatives on course to win majority - exit poll

Case and point, if you don't like this 'echo chamber' then why are you here posting? Because you're not here to contribute, you're here to gloat.

I'm actually not here to gloat, I'm here to seek updates. But I defend minor points if need be.

And the guy's original point was that Reddit is a bubble , an echo chamber submersed in delusion. Which is completely true, you only need to mistakenly stumble upon r/politics or r/worldnews to see how utterly biased and leftwing it is.

This country has always been a conservative country, the only big labour win was when they were red tories. Everyone here knew that

No it hasn't. It was Labour in 2007.

Your main issue is you're mixing 'We're hoping the tories won't be in power' with 'We know the tories won't be in power'.

You can't say that from me saying a small paragraph. I never spoke of any of that.

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