Consider: Bitcoin's energy usage is not a flaw, it's like that by design. It's the only way Satoshi could make bitcoin censor resistant.

A lesser known economic impact gold held during economic troubles across history was it's inherent ability to stimulate economic activity in & around it's procurement due it's increased revaluation during an economic or financial crisis. It's in those momentary depths of such depressions that high unemployment & low economic activity brings about a balance in both the labour & efficiency theories of value. As confidence & trust exits the system coalescing value around the hardest form of money itself, gold acted as an economic pilot light spurring that otherwise latent productivity to focus it's work in & around the mining of that last bastion of value. Great if you are in a nation with decent reserves in the ground. Too bad if you're not. My hope is with Bitcoin every nation producing baseload power (all of them) will be able to participate in this benefit.

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