Is this considered a cheese?

Lorewise, the family is Gascogne, his wife Viola, younger daughter (who you meet earlier, gives you the music box), and older daughter (you will meet her later, in the same window). "Father" is not a rank of the Healing Church. He was a priest in a foreign land, acording to his set's description. The longer a hunter hunts, the more he becomes addicted to and changed by the old blood. At some point, Ludwig, the chief hunter, started rallying people to help during the nightly hunts. This is what the people by the bonfire in central Yahrnan are doing. For these hunts, Gascogne paired up with Henryk, and both became a deadly pair, surviving for a long time as hunters. As a result, though, Gascogne progressively lost his mind to the hunt. When he began to lost his mind, his wife would play him the music box, and it calmed him. In this night of the hunt, she either forgot the box or chose to leave it with her daughter in case Father came home changed. Gascogne's family questline is one of the saddest in the game.

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