Considering an amendment to Honest Characterization (rule 6)


Term: "Zionist colonists" - when infering to early 19th jewish settelment

Issue: Used repetitively in an intellectualy dishonest manner. inaccurate decipting that "slips in" negative historical contextes that do not apply in reality.

Statment: Mainly it is interchangeable with settling / settlers and is a translation sensitive word, But is used to infer to european colonialism (generaly viewed as "big evil"), as if all jews are European, And mostly, as if there is a jewish empire benefiting this 'new colony named Israel", inferring many times to the age old anti-semite preposition that jews run the world / europe / USA.

To opposite example btw, is calling the contemporary illegal jewish settlements by their name, when in actually they're colonies of Israel.

--- notes: Realized 1-3 sentences is impossible, so I indluged. Im new, so give me some slack.

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