Considering ending my (29F) 3yr relationship (28M BF) because of the chores

he'll just act clueless or put the blame on me.

he told me to stop being hysterical

He eventually starts laughing in my face

He told me that I'm being a nag

This isn't a partner, this is a particularly rude child. Doesn't really matter what's going on, and who's right or wrong - he's being a shitty communicator and that's not sustainable in a partnership.

Time for a sit-down with him in which you say you're going to break up if something doesn't change, and then if he freaks out and promises to change, make HIM detail exactly how he will change. It's pointless to make a list for him. He has to examine the situation and figure out where he's failing.

If he is satisfied with his behaviour as it is, then yeah it's probably time to move on.

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