Considering how everyone only likes larger or at least average sized people, what can someone small do to still be matchingly good/worthwhile/etc? ( ~ 27 M )

Ay man, I think a lot of women will say the same thing, but penis size as proxy for your prowess as a lover or value as a human being is total bullshit. Many women prefer average/smaller sized penises to large ones (they can hurt).

Being good at sex has nothing to do with having a huge dick. It’s about intimacy, reading your partner’s body language, communication, and a willingness to be vulnerable. Even if you have the most extreme version of this in a medically defined micropenis, there are ways of having fulfilling sexual experiences. But you have to love yourself first before you can get good with those things.

What makes you desireable to another human isn’t your dick size. It’s your personality, how you treat them, those sort of things. If you have someone who is 100% into you until they see you dick then 100% not, don’t worry, they weren’t for you anyway. And if you need to, disclose your anxiety around that factor to your partner before initiating sexual activity. You will find someone who loves you for who you are.

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