Considering a move to VI

Do you travel to St. T via the ferry often? Do people go back and forth much during a normal week or is that more like me going to visit out of state- a once or twice a year kind of thing?

Traveling to the other islands is considered a vacation even though I can see them out my window. The ferry isn't convenient for day trips because it has a narrow schedule and takes two hours each way and flights cost almost as much to fly to STT as it does to fly to the states. My wife and I have developed a huge appreciation for San Juan if we're looking to get away for a weekend. It's cheap to get to and it has an old, European style so you feel like you actually went somewhere.

Since biking is difficult what about running on the roads? Would you consider that dangerous as well for the same reasons? I'm a rower and know this is a longshot but ever seen anyone with a crew style boat there in flatter water areas?

I run in my neighborhood all the time. There are also lots of trails and just generally empty areas that are runner friendly.

I've never seen a boat like that here and if you need the water to be as smooth as that screenshot, I'd say don't count on it.

Any lesser known car rental places I could try to find something for the 29th - the 2nd? I managed to get one for St. T but not in St. X yet.


What's your must see list for 3 days on St. X? Keeping in mind we'll be looking at houses too- any areas you think we should specifically avoid or look into? If anyone wants to throw in St. T info here too, please do!

For restaurants, from west to east I'd recommend Cibone, Braata, Norma's(Saturday brunch), Rowdy Joes, Savant, Salt, Ziggy's(Sunday brunch) and Duggans for restaurants.

For beaches, west are the prettiest, but most crowded. North shore has the prettiest drive to get to the beaches and fun restaurants on the water. East end has empty beaches and good snorkeling, but no amenities.

For house hunting. Generally, the higher the elevation and further east you go, the more expensive and less crowded it gets. North Shore is pretty baller as well. It's definitely a seller's market right now though.

I've read kayaks are hard to find- true?

I hardly ever see kayaks on the water, so I would believe someone if they told me they were hard to find.

Are quality contractors easy to find or do most people do their own repairs (wondering because of the hurricane damage I'm still seeing in photos of houses for sale)?

I'm friends with too many contractors to say anything candid on Reddit... use that information however you want.

My fiancee says she gets claustrophobic on small part of the trip will be to see how she handles it. Does it feel really small? I know this is subjective. I mean it's not like you can stand in the middle of the island and see water surrounding you or anything, right?

My wife gets island fever and needs to go to the mainland every few months. I guess it does feel physically small, but that doesn't bother me. The biggest change for me was how socially small it seems. Every errand I run, I see someone I know. That is usually pretty fun, but sometimes I just want to buy some eggs and get home without catching up with everyone.

She also wants her dream house to have a tub, but it's looking like baths are gonna be a luxury there.

Now that you mention it, I've only seen bathtubs in expensive houses. Seems like a waste of cistern water.

Any decent Mexican places on any of the islands?


If everyone there is as kind and helpful as you all have been, I'm sure we'll love it there!

I try to give as much true information as I can because most people don't last six months.

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