Considering that the Scourge was originally affiliated with the Burning Legion, is necromancy a variant of fel magic?

Eh.. No offense but you don't seem to be the smartest tool in the shed.

Like you said, chaos magic only comes together when all 7 schools of magic are combined.

Fel is 1 school of magic, you still need the 6 other schools together to form chaos magic.

If you are only using fel magic, that means you are using 1 out of 7 schools of magic. That does not equal chaos magic. Chaos magic is created by using all 7 schools of magic together, not by using 1 of them.

It's quite an easy concept to understand. It's like mixing colors together. When you mix red and green together you get yellow. However just using red or green by themselves does not mean that you are coloring with yellow, which is what you are saying. Red is red and green is green. Red does not equal yellow and green does not equal yellow, you need both of them together to gain access to the yellow color.

As another example: Mages use frostfire magic. That means that they are combining the schools of frost and fire. Just by using fire or frost by themselves does not equal frostfire magic.

Fel is one school of magic just like fire or frost. Disorder has nothing to do with chaos magic. Order manifests itself as arcane magic, and disorder manifests as fel magic. Chaos has nothing to do with either of those unless they are combined with all of the other schools.

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