The Conspiracy To Keep Everyone Focused on "The Beam" instead of One's Current Reality

It's so interesting to read when some read the post, then try to peg what I am in my life. I've been called upper middle class, privileged, and now an ostrich and a recovering addict. I'd prefer it if people discussed the idea of The Beam, and the picture of a dark, foreboding world it presents, vs. actual reality or the primary reality one experiences, but I guess this comes with the territory.

The Beam surely is information, and as for the news portion of it, 90% of it is murder, corruption, violation, stealing, cons, etc. from all over the world. As for fictional shows, 90% of it is murder, corruption, violation, stealing, cons, etc. All of it paints a picture that the world is hell.

If a hurricane is coming into my primary reality, then that is something I'm going to experience soon. That information is useful and empowers. But the vast majority of The Beam, if I focus on it too much, starts to create a dark picture of the world in my mind, and if I believe the picture in my mind is real, then it's probable I'll live in a fearful, reactive orientation. Like if I read hundreds of stories about pit bull attacks, and even though there are no pit bulls outside, I'm afraid to go outside because one might get loose somewhere. In reality, the odds are very, very slim that I'll be the victim of a dog attack or a murderer.

As for the conspiracy part of this, the effects on the minds of people may be unintentional, and the Beam just a result of ratings and economics, but sometimes it seems that keeping the public in a state of fear is intentional on someone's part. Remember threat level Orange? Just a small part of The Beam, but what was I or anyone really supposed to do with that information, except feel fear?

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