Conspiracy Theorists of Reddit, if you see so much wrong with the world and America, what changes would you make if given absolute power in the US for one year (essentially you are the president and all of congress)?

  • I would cut military spending down to 40% or less.

  • I would then pull all non-needed military personnel from countries where we are unwanted.

  • I would then do a complete budget and work on paying back our loans through a successful business practice.

  • I would end lobbying and make all donations and spending of politicians transparent. I would also cap their income at $80,000 a year.

  • I would make gay marriage legal in all states and a non-discrimination law. I would then go through each state legislation and seek to make comprehensive and sane laws in all states, making sure that all people have a right to marriage, a roof over their head, and fair minimum wage ($20/hour.)

  • I would work on getting CPS up to date and make new laws for Sex Offenders. I would also set out to make it more acceptable to come forward as a pedophile (who has not molested yet) and get mental help for it.

  • Our mental health facilities would have more funding, along with homeless shelters. I would build more basic housing for people who need it and seek to make drug rehabilitation a more complete and helpful program. AA would not be the only way for people to seek help.

  • I would give tax incentives to people who don't have kids, with the option to not pay extra to make up for those who do have kids. I would also tax those who have more than two children (unless they adopted.)

  • I would make it easier for gay and single parents to adopt children if they meet requirements.

  • Planned Parenthood would get more funding and there would be a requirement for all facilities (hospitals) to offer complete and comprehensive care. Even private, religious institutions would be required to offer abortions if asked by the patient. If someone asks to be sterilized, doctors are not allowed to say "you will regret it" or "you are too young." As long as someone is a legal adult, they should have a right to their own sexual health.

  • All schools would be required to offer the same standardized tests across the boards, but would also be required to offer the same sex education and evolution information. Private schools would no longer be allowed to get away with denying students a proper sexual education. Students would take a standardized test at a local testing building and if they fail to understand how basic sex works, the school will be looked into and can be denied funding for the next year.

  • All students will be required to take a 'life skills' class between their senior year and their first semester of college. All students will be given a stipend to travel between high school and college. Students who travel will then be given credits towards college.

  • All students will be required to start learning a second language early on in their education, along with classes on cultures outside of their own.

Universal Healthcare will be available to everyone.

Immigration will be limited to 1,000 individuals a year. When a person applies, they will take a test to determine their skillset and how well they know English. The applicant should be able to read at least somewhat fluently and have the ability to understand American English.


Taxes will be an even 10% of your income. The rich would also have to pay the same amount and would not receive tax breaks.

People would get a basic income credit of X amount to help pay bills.

People who have kids would not get a huge tax break. However, childcare will be offered free and so is healthcare, so that will take a huge burden off the state and the parents.

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