The constant hate towards our president from the left and media has made me like him even more.

From what they say they allegedly stand for they dont seem to have anything in common, but I would look at what they SAY they stand for, that's PR, look at what they do.

I supported Obama because I support taxing major corporations. At face value Obama seems like the person to vote for. What actually happened was companies like Citigroup and Amazon paid 0 (zero) taxes. (Also GE, Verizon and other companies)

In my opinion, look at what the democrats HAVE ACTUALLY DONE FOR YOU.

Obama and Trump line up on most goals, (taxes, war, spying on us), you're just too dumb to notice because you're worried about if about if Hillary Clinton has fainting spell!! Or if Trump had consensual sex with another adult!! But that's OK, most people are idiots. You fit right in

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