Do you think this constitutes overplaying?

To me it sounds like you're overplaying for the context.

Those fills in the beginning might be tasty in theory but you and the drummer aren't cohesive enough to make it work 100%. For a rhythm section, you're not always acting like a unit and playing complementary things. And it sounds like he's usually ahead or on top of the beat, so you don't have much of a pocket and the fills all sound shoe-horned in.

And in the solo sections (like 5-6 min), it sounds a bit too busy, a bit too notey, like you keep pulling everything a bit too strongly in your direction during someone else's solo.

For this band, on this song (from what I can hear of it), I think you could dial back your playing a bit, let things breathe a little bit more, and you and the drummer could be tighter and deepen the groove and do a better job at getting those girls in the audience moving a bit more.

Really that's a bass player's main job. Get the women in the crowd moving. Unless maybe you're in a prog band, but then there's no women showing up anyway ha ha.

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