Consumer Insight: We are planning to open in Q1 2023 in Bergen County. The issue we are seeing is that NJ owned rec cultivators won’t be ready to sell product until summer of 2023. MSO product will be our day 1 products as we wait. How can we best serve you during this time? We want to hear from you

I’m not sure what point your trying to make or how it is relevant to asking how we could serve NJ consumers by hearing from them. Attempting to insult a small business shows the true character of how MSOs operate. By the sound of your tone seems like your one of the MSOs. With that being said, lets go back to some facts since you wanted to write novel. When a publicly traded company enters a market pushing out molded cannabis to their consumers is unethical and making NJ consumers sick. When a CEO of an MSO gets arrested in Florida because of domestic abuse and battery shows the character of these big corporations. Your own bud tenders are spilling the beans on how bad the operations are at some of these businesses. Not all the MSOs are bad as Im partnered with a few, but some of them are extremely unethical. I’m not making any of this information out of thin air. Please find the links below to read all about the fines, unethical business practices, and the CEO I was referring to.

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