Conte identifies Marco Verratti as Cesc Fabregas' Chelsea replacement

yeah i will like an apology now that youve deliberately lied about what i said, copied and pasted everything i said in a reply made 20+ minutes before my first comment to you (which is in this same thread) and worst of all youve said "central width isnt a thing" to be demeaning when the only reason i used it and in speech marks is because i was quoting what you said; the very thing you said that i quoted is what your trying to turn against me in a mocking way. im glad that you replied though with another comment of no substance of relevance, perhaps lying or being mistaken (which is being generous) to demean someone else isnt the best option to take next time - especially when it turns out your mocking your own words without realizing. im not replying after this and this sentence is stupid too. it has been done and if you dont know that im sorry that you are ignorant. when you are done rephrasing everything i make in comments to other people to then somehow try to use against me work out why this comment is just as stupid as the others (outright wrong in this instance rather than being irrelevant for the sake of being demeaning)

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