[contest]handful of 12, 15 papa johns, dominos gift cards, lets make them disappear. ps. please, please, please follow all sub rules. cheers!!

I understand.

I don't know why it is his concern as he is not paying back with a pizza and therefore can't be logged with the bot anyway, and we discussed that. That was our arrangement, and if he feels like that is his gift to me, he would be incorrect.

From now on I won't encourage innocent mistakes. I guess in some ways I have been as frustrated as you mods seeing people break the 90 day rule. Seeing people slip pass so often has made it seem that anyone can so who am I to tell him that he absolutely can't as I am not a mod. What really grinds my gears though is seeing people get away with receiving 3 pizzas without giving anything back. Can't stand it.

I try to let go the people who don't pay me back. It's disheartening but for the most part people are pretty good about it, and that makes me happy. In the future, I will consider sending you guys a message if it happens again. I know that that has always been an option, but in most cases, the people who don't pay me back leave Reddit completely so nothing can be done.

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