So, the contest was a joke, isn't it ?

As I'm starting to think of something that they'd do like this in front of the artist who haven't won on the list is entirely too cruel for most of the participants, but who cares, their artists just needs some good concept and designs. To make it more clear, their only aim to this competition was to lure the other pros artists out there to steal the concepts, even if they're not a fan of this game, they still want ideas, especially preserving the other concept design artists who didn't won the war, it's just for some one of their character reference for that boring concept design. Their judges is cheap to choose which one is the better, every one's art is better, just the company's lacks some ideas. Just take a look to the last one of the additional list rewards of concept design, that half baked skin potato? Observe the tricks of what vespa have done to this competition, it's easy to spot their random pick, even picking the high quality art. What's the real option here on this contest? Was it hero concept design? Or just stealing someone's concept to make it just some preserved reference? This is entirely unfair, everyone who've participate will be happy if this competition was for everyone who submitted their efforts and creation, that would be definitely fine, but this is not.

And extend your middle finger in front of the judges/ random system votings for those who feels unfair, period.

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