[CONTEST] What's a HOLIDAY PARTY without drinking?!

I don't know if these count cuz old. But fun times. Picture

Video 1

Video 2 If you listen closely you can hear the stone cold steve austin entrance music.

2.) I think you like to drink Scotch and Soda

3.) First time I got drunk was in the back of a bowling alley at the age of 12ish, me and a good buddy stole a 6 pack of smirnoffs from a bodega and got drunk and pretended we were cool. She took some selfies of us and posted them on myspace. She blurred out the bottles in our hands and wrote SODA on them. It was done horribly and as fake as possible... she was friends with my sister on myspace I got in trouble immediately afterward.

4.) House party the summer after HS ended. My best friends house, the night starts real slow, 4 people showing up, so we play beer pong, my first time experimenting with 4 loko, I lose the game, end up drinking the entirety of my can. Then people show up, so we decide to smoke in the backyard. We get back there and cypher 2 joints and a water bottle of vodka. That's my last sober memories of that night. Where do I begin in my embarrassing myself? I first vomited on myself. I got butt ass naked and laid down in it. I got dragged into the bathroom naked, by this time there was around 50 people there. I vomit on the floor when I'm 5 feet away from the toilet. Then I stumble back into the room I vomited in, sit on his bed Indian style naked with vomit all over myself, a dude and chick walk in hooking up ready to do it, they turn on the lights and find me there and scream. Next thing I know a cab comes to pick me up. Also, I had a bag on me at the time, my wallet was in there with 100 bucks, someone took that and a quarter of an ounce of pot out of my bag.

5.) I love you, as much as I love myself. We are all one soul.

6.) I'm not a drunk

Happy holidays folks.

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