Controversial navigation center on the Embarcadero approved to house homeless

I know you're probably trolling, but I can't help it, this comment is too good. Where do we begin?

Since when did working hard for many years, and saving up and moving to a nice neighborhood become an object of derision for so many?

It isn't. Unless, you know, you decide to use that hard-earned money (which you seem to really want to cling to since you keep mentioning taxes) to block a homeless nav center that would save lives.

You literally want to punish these people (who overall always pay for increases in taxes to help the homeless)

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: SF has no income tax. Prop C hits businesses, not people (sorry, those aren't the same thing!). You also have this incredibly diluted perception that all of these condo owners who donated thousands to stop the construction of a shelter also voted for tax increases to help the homeless? What sort of backwards maze of logic do you have run through to reach that conclusion?

with ranting, screaming, defecating people outside their front door and give them a better view than they have?

If you're going to argue, argue in good faith, and keep up with the story. The Port Authority agreed to ensure the center has constant surveillance, and loitering, drug abuse, etc is not going to be tolerated outside the Nav Center. This isn't a problem at the other Nav center in the city. But I mean, if you really want that waterfront view, by all means, go live on the streets! I'm sure you'll take the offer – you really seem to think these homeless people are getting the sweetest deal.

who have worked hard to make the city what it is

Now I'm really lost. Only a self-important loaded technocrat could possibly think that they and their rich friends are the reason SF is such a charming and lovable city. Read a little bit about the history of this city before making a claim to it.

I would go on about how we all, as members of and participants in society, have a duty to take care of those who've fallen through the cracks, especially for those who have prospered under the current system, but I just don't know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.

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