Convalescent Leave Question

I will be. When the military Mental health provider FINALLY disclosed my diagnoses after he’d interrogated me for 11 hours, subjected me to hundreds of screening questions, ordered me to report to the MTF (about a 50-minute commute for me) early in the morning despite the significant drowsiness that my psychiatric medications produce, and declining to share his diagnosis on several occasions....

This “provider” — and I use the term loosely — finally revealed my diagnoses late yesterday afternoon. I immediately asked him for the patient advocate’s contact info. I specifically asked for the civil service employee who performs the credentialing and QA functions for the medical group as opposed to the military member who is saddled with the patient advocacy role as an additional duty. He played dumb with me. I also asked him which credentialing organization (Joint Commission, etc) oversees the MDG’s credentialing and patient safety inspections. He played dumb with me.

In his defense, he did follow up with the patient advocate’s contact info, but it was well past close of business on a Friday (yesterday).

Thank you for your contribution though. It feels good to be supported and not gaslit. I know what my command did is egregious, and I know what this provider did was egregious. I’ve told him on several occasions (face to face and electronically) how demoralizing this process has been and his continual endorsement of my command’s retaliatory behavior has been exceptionally detrimental to my mental health.

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