Conversations that need to be had: What is the nature of Dr. K's relationship with the people that come on his stream?

Hey there - thanks for surfacing this. I'm trinion but here speaking on behalf of Healthy Gamer and DrK.

Ultimately, we're glad this conversation is happening because we hope people appreciate the risk of it. We do what we do confident in our ethics and approach - even though we risk the perception of it being on the wrong side of... something. The disclosure and agreement process we have with our guests is directly in line with informed consent: that there is no doctor-patient relationship, there is no privacy, and there is no diagnosis/treatment. We continue to work with the psychiatric community to see how we can be most impactful in an environment where there are not enough psychiatrists or other resources for a generation experiencing epidemic-levels of mental illness. If it comes down to the people (audience) not wanting us to do this, we won’t. But as long as people are being helped, inspired to seek help, or are inspired to help others, we will continue to bear this risk.

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