I was convinced this was a copypasta at first.

Wow. You may not be a troll but you are definitely looking to be hanging out under the bridge. Are you attempting to learn how to insult effectively? Seeing as how we are both reddit newborns with obviously different levels of maturity, I would be honored if you would continue to educate me on the emergent teenage traits that have arisen in recent ears. It is common practice, due to anonymity, for you (and your peers) to behave so arrogant and intolerantly? Did you just randomly choose five words to follow 'fucking' ? I am no millennial, i will never forget 9-11-01. It does seem that mandela effect has the ability to change the past by the shifting of temporal lines, and I point to the example of berenstain vs. berensein, again, as was, the intent of my original post. Which do you remember it as from your childhood way back so long ago? I apologize for the lengthy rebuttal but I can't stop yet. I am perplexed by the use of word flying as an adjective describing the word bird' - are these type of bird in opposition to the vast multitude of bird which do not fly? And lastly : your words, although bold and braze, do not mask the ignorance of reality which you possess. I ask, no I beg that you never ever attempt to such discourse when face to face with someone you do not know from Adam. In my subjective experience, such actions portend a negative, usually physical response, and I only hope these words of mine might keep that from happenning to you. Happy New Year.

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