Cook County makes it illegal to refuse to show or rent property to people with certain criminal records

There's racism everywhere, bro. When I worked in a restaurant kitchen in River North, I was the only white dude amongst a gaggle of Mexicans, and they routinely talked shit about the 'whetto' (me), thinking I didn't understand what they were saying. They also said more vitriolic racist shit about black people than I have ever heard a white person say in my life (example, when a group of black diners complained about something: "Tell those monkeys to go back to the zoo!") Conversely, working together with a black dude from the south side delivering food, we stopped off at the Merchandise Mart food court McDonalds for lunch one day and he was ranting about "It used to be all black folk up in here working, now it's a bunch of Mexican papi-chulos, etc.." I swear to God, white people have been so turned off from the idea of appearing racist, we all go out of our way to not do/say shit that would make us seem that way. People are people, and bad shit gon' happen so don't try to put that all on whitey.

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