Coolest piece of knowledge!

That the knowledge Baha'u'llah has of his own (true) self is the same knowledge we attain to when we come into that; that the mystical attitude and state is validated, encouraged and what we are called to manifest in ourselves in the Faith; that there is really only one religion going all the way back into the mists of antiquity (what Traditionalism and the Perennial Philosophy calls the 'Primordial religion'), that all the religions including Baha'i are but variations of within the rubric of progressive revelation of this one "Eternal Faith of God" (to paraphrase); that the sexes are equal in the sight of God despite of, or in spite of certain gender specific roles or hierarchical divisions of task and right; that qualities traditionally associated as 'weak' or valueless and of the domain of women are championed and upraised as being of relatively more value in this day and age (ie. compassion, love, gentleness, nurturing, etc); that Hermes is considered the "first philosopher" which validates and locates the Hermetic tradition and aspects of the esoteric Western tradition in relation to the faith; that alchemy is validated by Baha'u'llah as an authentic process of knoweldge, as a way, the "hidden craft" (for those who might dispute this is the case there is scholarship that addresses this here; that the writings were written by Baha'u'llah's own hand or were authenticated under His authority; that science is encouraged and allowed and religion is to be balanced and weighed in relation to this enterprise and the knowledge that springs from it; that independent investigation of truth is a principle; that judgement on others concerning morality is discouraged, except in clearly delineated areas (where it threatens the integrity of the Faith publically, etc); that creativity, the arts and sciences are designated with a great right amongst the peoples and practices of the world; that nature and our bodies are considered a "sign" of God and are valued in that sense; that nature is recognised to be as a 'door' unto the knowledge of God; that militancy and war are strongly discouraged; that material wealth is de-emphasised and qualities and virtues associated with true wealth; ...

There are so many, I could keep on writing easily..

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