Cop can’t control his dog..

Thanks. I noticed that her behavior has drastically changed ever since I got her back from the pound. She has turned into a very uneasy and claustrophobic dog. Who knows how bad it was for her in that inhumane cell. I haven’t spayed her ever, but now she had to, otherwise I would not be able to get her back and she would be put to sleep. I love my dog, she is a big part in our family. She’s so dumb in a good and funny way.

I guess her sanity died out after all of that trauma. She started digging holes and making a mess of my house, she never did that before. I don’t really know what they did to her. But I have recently gotten permission from my local animal control center to transfer her to mexico where my grandparents live. They have their own dog, so maybe she can get well there since she wont be a lonely dog.

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