Cop Murders Guy On Video. Found Not Guilty Of Course

I still think it's ridiculous that people are claiming he wanted to murder him like he was hungry to kill someone.

Also, it's very easy to point out things they did wrong when we can play back videos of the situation and know the full context.

There was a mass shooting not too long ago where a guy put rifles outside a hotel window and mowed down 100s of people. Then we have this guy sticking those airsoft(?) riffles out and creating a panick. Police are not sure how many people are inside the hotel room and they're assuming the worst. The guy reaches behind his back 2 times. He was warned after the first time that he would be shot if he does it again and not long after he reached again. Yes he was drunk but not only were the police not aware of that, you can't use that as an excuse tbh before the fact. At the end of say, if youre a suspect of carrying a weapon, drunk or not drunk, and you have police pointing guns at you... Im not sure what you expect to happen.

Again, the context behind all this is I believe they thought some shooting was under way and they were very intense which explains why that guy kept shouting. They had to get to that door to clear it out but before they could they had to clear these two persons. Getting him to lay on his back right in front of the door where theres another potential shooter makes no sense. They needed to remove him from there both for their and his safety.

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