coping with a mutual breakup (3yr relationship) for the first time

Does anyone have any words of wisdom?

I think you two made a mature and correct decision. It's much better to part ways amicably now rather than risk it ending badly due to the distance. At least this way you'll still have good memories of each other when you look bad.

And yes this is hard now, that's expected. Especially at this particular stage in your life where you're just entering adulthood and beginning a whole new chapter, moving across the world about to enter an entirely foreign environment, that's scary and stressful enough, which just adds to the feelings of loss. The only words of wisdom I gave say is... it will pass. You will get through this. It will take time. It'll probably get a little easier once you do actually move, as you'll be busy adjusting to that. As cliche as this sounds, you've got your whole life ahead of you, and still have a lot to experience.

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