Cops called at a restaurant

Hey how about you, as a white person, stop

  1. Denying white privilege
  2. Denying your privilege
  3. Trying to define the terms of your privilege

White privilege is a well documented sociological fact of living in the west. Full stop. There’s no arguing with it. Nobody who has even the most basic understanding of sociology (IE, me, an idiot with a basic understanding of sociology) will tell you otherwise. Statistic after statistic, while people are treated better by society and by the government. Again. Full stop. There’s no arguing with it. I’m sure at this point you’re itching to say “what about affirmative action?” Guess who benefits most from affirmative action. White women. Look it up.

For the record, you’re a racist. You need to work on yourself. Don’t get upset at me for pointing out your racism. Get upset at yourself for allowing yourself to be a racist. Racists always get offended when you call them racist. Everything you’ve said here is infinitely more offensive than me pointing out your blaring racism and frankly I got disgusted reading what you’ve written. You sound ignorant. Work on yourself.

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