Do the cops have to tell you if they have a warrant?

For the first link on Youtube, from the text summary:

During an intense cross examination Thursday, Dr. Robert Waldman accused Walgren of putting words in his mouth. The judge stepped in and told Dr. Waldman that that's how cross examinations usually work.Walgren asked the judge to strike several of Dr. Waldman's responses because he was being "unresponsive."

That's what I said above. You don't get to rebut questions as a witness, and trying to do so will get you admonished by a judge.

I appreciate the other two links. I am skeptical of the advice still, and would certainly say that I have not seen any attorneys make as strong of recommendations as those two sites, although it does make the most sense in the specific instance in which the issue is wholly about consent. I will point out that both of those sites also include several variations of "each case is fact specific and you should consult with an attorney."

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